Optical multimeter SGZ305


Optical multimeter SGZ305


SGZ-305 Factory price portable handheld light source fiber optic power meter optical multi-meter with Visual fault locator

Handheld light power meter series, Light power meter red light pen integral machine series products are mainly used for continuous optical signal power measurement and optical fiber line breaking test. It is controlled with single-chip microprocessor that is full function.
It is widely use in construction and maintenance of optical cable, optical communication and optical sensor and optical CATV such areas.
The design of the machine meets the requirement of ergonomics. It adopts advanced cold mold technology which is beautiful and endurable. The built-in detectors and lasers allow the product to be well protected.
Light power meter has a small shape, optional switch, background light display and automatic shutdown function, wavelength memory function, manual calibration, optical fiber work identification, wide testing range.
Light power meter red pen integration machine has automatic shutdown function, two red light mode, three kinds of backlight mode, wavelength memory function, optical fiber work identification, manual calibration, red light power, wide testing range.
1. Features

1. Support linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dB) showing at the same time.

2. Support auto power-off
3. Support backlight ON/OFF
4. Support self calibration by user himself
5. Support SC, FC interface, ST interface (optional)
6. Charging unplugged working time 48 hours (optional)
7. Support portable battery / computer power supply (optional)
8. Support  wavelength memory function
9. Support optical fiber work identification
10. Support red constant and flashing
(1 to 9 for the light power meter and integration machine series products, a total of characteristics, Features of 10  integration machine series.)


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