Snom 360 Expansion Module


Snom 360 Expansion Module


Snom Sidecar Expansion Module for 320, 360, and 370

With the Snom Expansion Module your 320, 360, or 370 snom phones has the best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who require high call coverage and flexibility from communication systems.

Snom 360 Expansion Module Features

More comfort is provided by the built-in web interface of your snomVoIP phone. With the built-in web interface, you can easily configure each function key according to your preferences.

Each snom expansion module allows 42 additional extensions with BLF that can be used for extensions or commands.

Each key of your expansion module can be programmed for Line, Destination, Intercom, Park Orbit, or Voice Recorder mapping. Line or call state, e.g. ringing, on-hold, connected call etc., will be shown by the LEDs associated with each key.

Your SNOM VERSION 2 SIDECAR will allow you to add up to 3 sidecar expansion modules to your Snom 320, 360, or 370 phone.


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